What do you guys think about second hand clothing? I love shopping at thrift store as it always feels like treasure hunting! I got this skirt from this second hand clothing store called Green Ladies couple of months ago . I first fell in love with the print and thought the hemming was very chic … Continue Reading

Do you like Lace outfit? I didn’t really like lace when I was younger. I have always been a minimal, simple type of girl and was always in sneakers (still am , lol! ). I tend to associate lace outfit with more girly and feminine women, which I didn’t want myself to be labeled as. But … Continue Reading

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you do then I am pretty sure that you’ll love this can of Toffee-ettes as much as Taylor swift loves Tom Hiddleston ( or maybe even a bit more than that! ). I have always been a huge huge fan of the Almond Roca by Brown & Haley, … Continue Reading

Hi everyone! If any of you are traveling to Melbourne soon, you’re on the right post! In this post, I will talk about two of the coolest places in Melbourne ( at least I think they are ;P ) ~ Some of you may know that I used to study and work in Melbourne for … Continue Reading

Little black dress is one of my most fav items from the wardrobe ! Not only is it versatile and easy to wear, it also goes best with my favourite shoes – sneakers! I always style my LBD & sneakers look with these 3 rules: 1. Stick with LBD with simple silhouette 2. Go for … Continue Reading

10 Fun Facts About My Dog and I Hi guys! Here are some fun facts about my Dog Topaz and I which I’d like to share with you all coz… I am just random 😛 We are both pretty impatient about things that we’re not interested in. Both of our favourite fruit is apple ( … Continue Reading

Although most of the instagram users ( including myself ) aren’t very happy about their latest update of prioritizing popular content, there’s one IG update that I love about and WANT to have so badly, which is the new minimal black and white redesign. According to Instagram spokesman, this super cool and clean redesign is only … Continue Reading

I’ve been a major braid-fan for a damn long time. I have started braiding since I was six years old and have been practicing my braiding skill on my own hair as well as on my friends’ hair ever since then. I pretty much braid their hair till they show me a super agitated face … Continue Reading

Come home from gym this morning to a lovely surprise from Coach – their infamous Dinky bag  ! Believe it or not, this cute little Dinky bag is already 75 years old! The best part of the latest version of the classic is the special surprise charm~ Mine comes with  a couple of feathers, a … Continue Reading

Turtleneck has become such a big thing that it does not only belong to winter anymore! Designers and brands like Alexader Wang, Acne Studio, and Diesel Black Gold  have inclued turtleneck to their Spring Summer collections. Of course we are not talking about heavy-chunky-knitted turtleneck jumpers~ The summer time versions have usually been transformed into … Continue Reading