10 Fun Facts About My Dog and I

Hi guys! Here are some fun facts about my Dog Topaz and I which I’d like to share with you all coz… I am just random 😛

  1. We are both pretty impatient about things that we’re not interested in.
  2. Both of our favourite fruit is apple ( Royal Gala to be specific ).
  3. We’re always hungry, especially after our morning walk.
  4. Topaz loves either sitting right next to me or right outside the door when I am using the toilet… to make sure I don’t fall into the toilet bowl perhaps?!
  5. Everythime when I come home from a trip and start unpacking my suitcase, Topaz always comes to me to see if there is any souvenir for him.
  6. I love playing prank on him with sour food  (what a bad mum! lol)
  7. We both have rather big butt , oops!
  8. We go to 7-11 to get snack together.
  9. Laying on the lawn is our favourite Saturday activity
  10. We are both summer person/dog and get super excited when the sky is blue and the sun is out.

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