My New Year Resolution might have been 13 days later than others’ but half a month late is still better than not coming right?! The main reason of why this resolution post has come slightly later than usual is because I really want to wind down a little bit from all those Christmas and New Year’s fun and get myself to think thoroughly about what I want to do and where I want myself to end up be in 2016. I do have quite a few plans for this year, both big and small ones (will definitely share with you all when I start working on them!), if I am hard working enough, I am pretty sure these plans will lead me to another stage of my life~ Therefore, the most important goal for me to take on this year is definitely #WorkingMyAssOff ! Following by that is to #Exercise more! My working hours are quite long and if I need to work even harder this year, that means I will have even less sleeps, when sleep isn’t enough, I guess exercising will make up for that; last but not least is to #BeBrave and #TrustMyself more! Working on new plans means critisicm and failure can pop by anytime so I gotta remind myself that , cliche but true, “…failure is when you stop trying” and not to giveup too easily!

So this is a little blog post for myself but I hope that this can give you guys some inspiration too 🙂 2016 is only going to be better! I wish I will become a better person and I wish everyone of you the best year ahead!

wearing: Farout Sunglasses | Ezzentric Topz Vintage Floral Dress

2016 New Year Resolution



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