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Line breaks: ez¦zen|tric , Pronunciation: /ɪzˈzɛntrɪk/
(Of a person or their behaviour) subtle yet fun, cool yet cheeky, carefree

example: ” everyone admires their ezzentric life ”

About Twee

Theresa (also known as Twee) is the lady boss of online store ezzentric tops and the creative head behind fashion and life style blog . Born in Hong Kong and studied in Melbourne , Australia,  Theresa is now living and enjoying her life back in her home town.

Known for her cool urban luxe style, Theresa has gained some significant public recognition in just few years time and had been featured on Cosmopolitan Shopping Russia, Shanghai Daily, , ELLE Hong Kong , and Sky Post (Hong Kong). She has also been invited to collaborate with notable brands like Estee Lauder, Coach, American Apparel, Chloe, Pandora, The Venetian Macao, Geox, Steve Madden, Vidal Sassoon, Calvin Klein, Grana etc.

Theresa’s style and fashion’s motto is pretty straight forward – “Minimal but fun, on point yet effortless.”.

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About Kenze

Founding Ezzentric Topz and together with Twee, Kenze is a biologist turned e-commerce entrepreneur and an amature photographer, he has the majority of’s photos.

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