Am I getting old or is it just winter? I have been wearing a lot of black outfit lately~ Black maybe mysterious but it’s always classy yet cool!

最近不知道是冬天將近還是人大了, 配襯outfit時總是喜歡以黑色為主, 總覺得黑色能給別人一種大方又不失型格的感覺~
So what are the tips for styling a minimalistic yet trendy all black look?

搭配minimal的黑白look時我也有一點點的心得, 大家有興趣聽聽嗎?

all black outfit styling 02

1) Minimal , both the style and the amount of accessories are the key of a nice all black look. We can always wear our black outfit with a dainty necklace and a minimal watch. This one from COACH is a good example – featuring awide but elegant silver and golden strap and a sleek and modern case, this watch is a perfect representation of confidence and modernity. Teaming up with the necklace, these two simple pieces make the outfit.

1) 首先, 要談得上minimal, 配飾方面一定要簡約~ 大家可選一條幼身纖細的項鍊, 再加一枚線條精緻 、設計簡約的腕錶作配搭~ 就好像我手上的這杖COACH的腕錶, 優雅的銀金色寬身錶鏈及簡潔的錶殼設計,充分地表現代女性有著的自信和魅力, 再跟幼細的頸鏈和全黑的outfit互相配合, 簡單之餘又非常有時尚感.

all black outfit styling 01

2) Our complexion may look a bit dull with an all black outfit, to solve this, simply wear slightly more pale pink blushes and lip gloss, this help brightening up our skin in the most minimal and nature way.

2)黑白色的outfit可能會令面色顯得暗啞,所以我建議美女們可多塗一點淡粉紅色的胭脂和唇膏, 自然得來又能為樣子增添幾分光澤~!


all black outfit styling 03 all black outfit styling 04

It’s not the amount of colours we wear matters, it’s our confidence that make us glow 🙂

其實只要我們有自信, 不論穿多少種顏色也會很美~




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