When traveling, I always tend to pack way more clothes than I actually need as I am too scared of repeating outfits but the reality is that I only have 20kg of luggage (sometimes 30kg if I am lucky enough to get upgraded but you only know it at check-in so this doesn’t really … Continue Reading

Phuket, Jan 2014 – Part One

Last month, Kenze and I celebrated our 10th anniversay in Phuket – one of the most popular holiday destinations. This trip was a sweet little one and was beyond amazing! Snorkling with tropical fishes, sunbathing on a the crisp-white sand, and having yummy hawker food with my one and only, what more could I ask … Continue Reading

His Jersey

As you all know that I LOVE stealing things from Kz’s (my boyfriend) wardrobe. This time, I’ve stolen his basketball jersey and worn it as a dress for my Chiang Mai trip. Not only that it’s easy to wear and super comfortable, but it also made a very cool holiday outfit!   Wearing { Jersey … Continue Reading

The Palace

Happy boxing day everyone~!! First of all, I apologize for blogging so infrequently. I have been having too much fun with family gathering, parties, and all other Christmas related events =P So this is the first outfit from my Chiang Mai trip. Madarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai is an amazing resort. Not only that … Continue Reading

Wind Down

Tasamania was great. I wouldn’t way that it’s the best place to live in but it’s definitely a lovely destination for getaway. While I was in Tasmania, I’ve pampered myself with a beautiful bottle of Moscato at Holm Oak winery and have met their gorgeous representative, Pino the pig;I’ve treated my eyes with a picturesque … Continue Reading