I’ve been a major braid-fan for a damn long time. I have started braiding since I was six years old and have been practicing my braiding skill on my own hair as well as on my friends’ hair ever since then. I pretty much braid their hair till they show me a super agitated face XP . After all these years, I can finally show off my still-not-very-professionally braiding skill because, if you’ve noticed , the double boxer braid has become the hottest hair trend of the year! From the gym studio to Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby to New York Fashion Week, it seems like everyone is having good time in this classic yet playdul hair style! I have got some ” How to Style ” tips for you all , scroll down to see what to pay attention at when styling your boxer braid …

Boxer Braid - Ezzentric Blog

1. Stay Cool

Stay cool when choosing your outfit and try to stick with normcore style or solid colours in order to create a balanced look with the fun braid. You can of course go for a rainbow tone and Hello Kitty print if you don’t mind joining the kawaii harajuku gang~

2. Eyebrow

I personally recommend a pair of stronger eyebrow when wearing boxer braid as this will help accentuating our feature.

3. Accessories

Add some more details to your braids – you can wear this headband for beach party , these hair rings clip for music festival, and these pearl pins for a date night.

Boxer Braid - Ezzentric Blog
Boxer Braid - Ezzentric Blog

Hope you all like this trend too and I can’t wait to see you all rocking the boxer braid!



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