Black may be the most worn colour, everyone wears black differently, some go gothic, some go emo, some go minimalistic, and we chose chic for the thrid look of our Collaboration!

If you have been following me here or on Insta (@ezzentrictwee), you’d have seen the first two looks I did with Carriebloomwoood so here comes to the third one! Carrie is a die-hard fan of pink and I rarely (have never actually) seen her in full black so it’s definitely refreshing to see her in a black get-up.

When creating a”Chic-Black” look, I suggest to go for more feminie materials like black mesh or black knits; some cute accessories such as black hat or black scarf are also recommended; I’d say white shoes is also the key to brighten up a chic black outfit, it doesn’t need to be sneakers, any white shoes like white brogues, or pointy white heels will be perfect too! Last but not least, don’t forget a popping red lip !

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Styling by Twee
Photo by Kenze

On Carrie: Urban Oufitters Dress, Monki Hat, Adidas Original sneakers
On Twee: Zara scarf, American Retro Top and Skirt, Converse Sneakers

Black Outfit Styling tips 06
Black Outfit Styling tips 01
Black Outfit Styling tips 03
Black Outfit Styling tips 04
Black Outfit Styling tips 02



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