Has Your 2016 Been Good?

Hello peeps! Sorry for being MIA ! The last 6 weeks has been pretty dramatic – I was blessed enough to have quite a few exciting collaborations to work on, was preparing for my end of year trip, but at the same time has also been taking care and worrying about Topaz as he was really sick 10 days before I left for Australia earlier this month. So it’s basically all the ups and downs in the last few weeks but phew~ everything looks pretty settled now and Kenze and I are enjoying our time in our second home town Melbourne.


Our trip has been pretty amazing so far~! We have been busy catching up with friends, eating a lot , driving here and there a lot, and have also managed to captured some shots with the amazing coastline along Great Ocean Road during our road trip last week. As it’s only 3 days till the end of 2016, I think it’s great time to make a wrap for 2016.

So how has our 2016 been? Apart from having the chances to work with some of my most favourite bands like Calvin Klein, GRANA , OMEGA , and etc. , one of the biggest achievements must have been setting up our own work space / studio – Ezzentric – in Hong Kong. After working from home for few years, we have finally decided to move forward and set up a proper work space. I have to say that working at the studio is a lot more efficient as there’s just much less distractions around. Apart from working on our photography works for the blog , we have also been focusing on social media content creation and social brand image building for brands . As a start up, we still need to expand out client base so let’s hope we can do it better in 2017 🙂


This may most possibly be the last post of 2016 so Kenze and I would like to wish you all a super duper 2017! Stay tuned with us on MY INSTAGRAM and HIS INSTAGRAM for more travel goodness~!



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