So apart from overspleeping sometimes, my morning routine is pretty standard and has been the same for years. Although it may not be anything special , I find this routine helps keeping me awake for the rest of the day and therefore, I think it’s not a bad idea to share with you guys 😉


1) A Powerful Breakfast

To kick start a healthy morning, first thing first is definitely a quality breakfast! Some people do not believe in the power of breakfast and even think that having too much for breakfast is fatening ( well… it is if you’ve chosen wrong food!) But trust me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as studies show that breakfast food usually contain good nutrients such as protein, various vitamins, and fiber and if we miss these nutrients in the morning, it’s hard to have them being compensated for later in the day . Since it’s so important, we should not miss our breakfast! For me, I usually have chia pudding or smoothie bowl topped with fruits in the morning. My favourite smoothie bowl base is made with

two bananas, some spinach, and a bit of coconut oil

you can also find amazing smoothie bowl recipes HERE .


2) Some Cardio

It might be hard to get yourself moving right after you’ve waken up at the beginning but once you’ve started, you’ll get addicted to working out in the morning! During summer, I usually go for a quick swim at the beach or jog for a while along the coastline but when it gets colder, I tend to stay at home and work out with my favourite Fat Buring Cardio Video . I don’t spend long, usually just 20-30 mins and that’s more than enough to keep myself awake and my skin glowing for the whole day!



3) Pamper Yourself

Last but not least, I pamper myself with a very light makeup and get myself changed in my favourite clothes after breakfast and exercising. Speaking of light makeup, I usually wear a bit of

tinted sunblock , concealer on dark circle, liquid Cheek Stain, and volumize mascara

my belief is if you eat healthy and workout, you don’t need much makeup to look pretty~



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