Want  To Make Your Bleached Blonde Hair Last Longer ?

I have had my hair bleached few months already and have went totally blonde last month. I was pretty clueless on how to maintain the blonde at the beginning but being blonde for a month, I have figured out few things for keeping our bleached blonde last , let’s see what they are~


1) Use The Right Shampoo

Once you’ve gone blonde, chuck away your ordinary shampoo and get your hands on some PURPLE SHAMPOO . Purple shampoo and conditioner are specifically formulated for bleached blonde hair, it takes away the orange-ness and will keep your hair ashy-blonde. I know this weirdly coloured shampoo is a lot more expensive than the ordinary ones we get from supermarket but hey~ what’s the point of not investing on proper shampoo which can make your colour last much longer when you’ve spent so much at the salon ?!

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2) Avoid UV

I know it’s hard! Especially during summer or for people like me who loves to hang around the beach ! But when I discovered this thing called UV PROTECTANT ( like THIS ONE I use ), I find it less difficult to protect our hair from the UV. UV ray is petty harmful to bleached hair and it can change your colour so we better protect it well!

3) Invest on hair masks / Leave-in Conditioner

After you’ve bleached to your hair to blonde, especially for those who go from black to blonde like me, your hair gets pretty dry and damaged. To avoid hay-looking hair, I apply hair masks / leave-in conditioner every other day to make sure my hair looks moist and healthy.

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4) Stay away from heat

Like I’ve said, bleached hair is already very damaged so try not to damage you hair further with strong heat like curler, straightener, and hot air. When blow-drying your hair, try to use the cool air and if you must style your hair with tongs, remember to put heat protectant on! I personally love the ghd one 😉

5) Go for a regular trim

Since damaged bleached hair got split ends easily, a regular trim is highly recommended for keeping our hair looking healthy.



To those who have also recently bleached you hair blonde, I hope these little tips help~ And for those who’s contemplating on a new blondie look for the new year, get ready for a shopping trip to your closest hair product shop 😉


Photo by Kenze

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