Favourite Combo : Denim On Denim

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Denim on denim may not be the hottest trend but it’s definitely my favourite style. It’s so easy to wear and you can hardly go wrong with it! Also, that kind of coolness and grunginess denim gives can never be compared to any other fabric.

I was heading to my friend’s to move a shelf which they don’t need anymore back to my studio , I knew it was a day involving a lot of physical movements but I still want to look cool ( I mean.. who doesn’t right ?! ) so I chuck on the most stretchy pair of jeans and throw this oversized boyfriend denim jacket on and ta dah! The easiest “cool look” was done! Just in case I would look too manly, I wore a bright red lippy to end the look with a Marylin Monroe touch 🙂 What do you all think?



Photo by Kenze

Twee is wearing: American Eagle Jacket and Jeans | No brand Jumper | Chanel Bag | Axel Arigato Shoes

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