We went to Taipei back in Dec for a friend’s wedding and we stayed behind for couple of days for some sightseeing as well as some crazily yummy food! Apart from the dodgy hotel* we’ve stayed at ( located right above a night club and smelt like karaoke room…trust me, it looked way way way … Continue Reading

Pantone colours of 2016 are pretty eclectic : we have the sweet and whimsical Rose Quartz , the vibrant and energetic Buttercup , the classy and subtle Iced Coffee , and many more. As a big fan of blue, I was really happy to know that two shades of blue, the Serenity and the Snorkel Blue … Continue Reading

Although people in Hong Kong love wearing down jacket (yes, some of them even wear it when it gets to 20 °C =_= ) , it isn’t really that cold here! So if you’re from the west and are used to the cold, a trench coat or a bomber jacket will be warm enough when … Continue Reading

My New Year Resolution might have been 13 days later than others’ but half a month late is still better than not coming right?! The main reason of why this resolution post has come slightly later than usual is because I really want to wind down a little bit from all those Christmas and New … Continue Reading

Merry Christmas Everyone! I am having Christmas Eve dinner with my family at the moment but I really want to share my #OOTD with you guys so I decided to be anti-social for 20 mins to write this post 😛 So this is what I wore to do my super last minute Christmas shopping today~ A thin … Continue Reading

Showing my love to monochrome style, Kenze and I decided to work on a mini editorial with some black and white party outfit. I put together three different looks that feature dresses/ skirt in all lengths~ I hope you all will like my styling and hope this can give you some inspiration on what to … Continue Reading

I am pretty sure everyone has been busy preparing for all the Christmas present for our friends and family but what about our Christmas party and New Year’s Eve outfit? If you haven’t got any idea for the party outfit yet I have put together an outfit, see if this can give you some last minute inspiration … Continue Reading

You may already have a plain classic black coat for winter but come on! It’s the December~ Everyone needs something delightful for the most joyful month of the year! Let’s ditch your classic coat and throw a fun one on for Christmas ! When choosing for a fashionable, “not so ordinary” coat, we can start … Continue Reading

Christmas is only less than five weeks away , which means we gotta start preparing for the festive season! Apart from decorating our home, looking for the right Christmas party wear is as important! I usually go for dresses for Christmas parties but I’d like to try something different this year so I decided to … Continue Reading

Am I getting old or is it just winter? I have been wearing a lot of black outfit lately~ Black maybe mysterious but it’s always classy yet cool! 最近不知道是冬天將近還是人大了, 配襯outfit時總是喜歡以黑色為主, 總覺得黑色能給別人一種大方又不失型格的感覺~ So what are the tips for styling a minimalistic yet trendy all black look? 搭配minimal的黑白look時我也有一點點的心得, 大家有興趣聽聽嗎? 1) Minimal , both the style and the … Continue Reading