Favourite Combo : Denim On Denim   Denim on denim may not be the hottest trend but it’s definitely my favourite style. It’s so easy to wear and you can hardly go wrong with it! Also, that kind of coolness and grunginess denim gives can never be compared to any other fabric. I was heading … Continue Reading

TWEE x GRANA : Get Your Autumn Wardrobe Ready

Hi everyone~! It’s finally Autumn here in the northern hemisphere! Although I still miss my beloved summer and all the water sports, it’s not too bad to have a breezier and dryer weather anyway. Have you started getting your Autumn wardrobe ready yet? I  haven’t had much time to shop lately but I did manage … Continue Reading

Denim items that we can’t miss

Denim is just pretty much perfect in everyway! With different shape and cut, it can be casual-chic or grunge-glam . I am pretty sure everone has at least one pair of jeans in his/her wardrobe but what about other denim items ? ” Do you mean denim jacket and shirt? ” No, we have got … Continue Reading

Who doesn’t love Denim Button Skirt

Button Denim Skirt Trend Who doesn’t love the big come back of  the 70s denim button skirt ? This little A line denim button down elf has definitely taken the skirt world by a storm  – from street snap section of our daily newspaper to Vogue, and from the girl next door to Alxea Chung … Continue Reading