Is it a YES or NO to Bodysuits for you ? To me, it’s a big YES! I have always been those kind of people who cannot live without t-shirt, oversized white t-shirt to be specific, but bodysuits have  become my latest favourite, here are why : 1)Shows Off Curve Bodysuits are very fitted so it’s the … Continue Reading


Want  To Make Your Bleached Blonde Hair Last Longer ? I have had my hair bleached few months already and have went totally blonde last month. I was pretty clueless on how to maintain the blonde at the beginning but being blonde for a month, I have figured out few things for keeping our bleached … Continue Reading


Has Your 2016 Been Good? Hello peeps! Sorry for being MIA ! The last 6 weeks has been pretty dramatic – I was blessed enough to have quite a few exciting collaborations to work on, was preparing for my end of year trip, but at the same time has also been taking care and worrying … Continue Reading

What to do in Melbourne – Riding at Uncle Nev’s

Best Trail Ride In Melbourne Other than browsing amazing street arts and shopping for beautiful antique homeware, there’s much more about Melbourne! Scenic nature and wildlife are definitely something you can’t miss and to me, the best way to see both of these is to have a trail ride. As a horse rider since 11 years old … Continue Reading

Two most amazing places to visit in Melbourne

Hi everyone! If any of you are traveling to Melbourne soon, you’re on the right post! In this post, I will talk about two of the coolest places in Melbourne ( at least I think they are ;P ) ~ Some of you may know that I used to study and work in Melbourne for … Continue Reading

Styling Little Black Dress with Sneakers

Little black dress is one of my most fav items from the wardrobe ! Not only is it versatile and easy to wear, it also goes best with my favourite shoes – sneakers! I always style my LBD & sneakers look with these 3 rules: 1. Stick with LBD with simple silhouette 2. Go for … Continue Reading

Missing You

Since I have shipped most of my belongings, including this denim shirt back separately, I seriously have no clothes to wear at the moment! So my plan of the week is to visit my favourite stores in Hong Kong and hopefully I can get some new outfits =) Monki, h&m, COS…I am COMING!! =D p.s. … Continue Reading

Velvet Star

{ Jumper, Courtesy of American Apparel // White Dress form Thailand // ASOS Velvet Loafers and earrings // Shanghai Tang Clutch } Got this pair of velvet loafers as a Christmas present but have only had a chance to wear them this weekend. I’m absolutely loving them~! Loafers/slippers are so versatile and chic that every … Continue Reading


{ Cotton On Tee // Velvet Skirt, Courtesy of American Apparel // Converse Sneakers // Chanel Bag } I love this VW van. Not that it is the type of car I like (I love humungous 4WD drive like Range Rover or BMW X6) but it’s one of the best backdrop I have ever found … Continue Reading

Cambridge Satchel

they’re finally here~! i’ve bought a 13′ in black at the end and sis bought a 11′ in tan, she’ll be in melb on next Tuesday so will let her to open hers herself ~~i’m very excited with her visit!!!! am having fun with my satchel and have taken few pics with it today {cotton … Continue Reading