First skincare post! WOOT WOOT! However, as I am not a beauty expert, this will just be a very simple and brief product sharing , hope it won’t be too boring ~

I have super thin and sensitive skin so when it comes to skincare products , I can be very skeptical. I will only give a new skincare product a go after I have done enough research, which usually takes me 2 weeks to a month to do so. So here are the three products that I am currently in love with.

favourie skincare product - Coconut oil _02

1. Coconut Oil

Yes, you’re right! Cocnut oil! Those for cooking! This bottle of clear oil (or white solid oily paste when stored under lower temperature) is the best makeup remover I have ever tried in my life. Not only dose it get everything off, including the strongest waterproof mascara, but it also helps moisturizing our skin. To use, simply massage your face with about a teaspoon of coconut oil for 1 minute, then dip your cotton pad with a few drops of Bioderma Sensibio H2O micelle solution and wipe the oil off and you can wash your face with your cleanser. If you have dry and sensitive skin like me, using coconut oil as makeup remover will save your life.

favourie skincare product - Coconut oil _03

2. Luxelab Superb Magic Bright Unity

I love sunbathing but when it comes to winter, I try to let my skin to rest a little bit by pumping some nutrition and brightness into it with brightening mask. I have tried quite a lot of brightening masks before but nothing works as effective as this set of magic by Luxelab. Apart from brightening our complexion, this cream and paper mask bundle also proctects our skins from UV damage and harsh external environment. The best thing about this mask is that it doesn’t have any weird artificial scent, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. This set of magic is defintiely my boon in winter!

favourie skincare product - Coconut oil _01

3. Formula 10.0.6 Breakout Calming Mask

Every now and then, especially before my period, there will be breakouts across my forehead as well as on both sides of chin , this cooling creamy 5-minute mask helps calming the angry breakout area (as well as myself ) down. I also love the soothing perpermint scent 🙂 If you also have breakout problem, this green tube will be your new best friend!

favourie skincare product - Coconut oil _04

Hope you guys like my share ~! If this is a bit too boring, then feel free to go back to my latest outfit post (might be relatively less boring) 😛

See you all soon



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