Sees Candies Toffee Sttes 2

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you do then I am pretty sure that you’ll love this can of Toffee-ettes as much as Taylor swift loves Tom Hiddleston ( or maybe even a bit more than that! ).

I have always been a huge huge fan of the Almond Roca by Brown & Haley, I always think that the Almond Roca is the best candy ever and is the one and only almond toffe candy in the universe…until I met this evil Toffee-ettes by See’s Candies last week. Mum got this can of Toffee-Ettes from the States for me and I thought ” well…it just looks like another can of ordinary nutty thang” , and I have proved myself wrong the next second – it’s crunchy yet not too hard, not too sweet , and is generously wrapped with chopped almond – there was a moment which I though I have entered heaven! And the worst thing was that I killed half can in one day *_* so if you’re planning on gaining some weight, this can may help you (kidding :P)



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