Best Trail Ride In Melbourne

Other than browsing amazing street arts and shopping for beautiful antique homeware, there’s much more about Melbourne! Scenic nature and wildlife are definitely something you can’t miss and to me, the best way to see both of these is to have a trail ride.

Uncle Nevs 15

As a horse rider since 11 years old and being in Melbourne for so many years, I have pretty much tried most of the horse riding farm around Melbourne and I have to say that Uncle Nev’s is the best horse riding place. I used to visit Uncle Nev’s at least twice a year when I was still living in Melbourne and it’s a now must for me to go for a ride every time when I head back to Australia for holiday.

I think the best thing about this lovely horse riding farm is that they have super friendly and caring staff as well as really well-behaved and sweet horses.


Uncle Nev’s is only about an hour away from the Melbourne CBD, which is especially convenient for tourists I would say~!

Unlike other riding farms, Uncle Nev’s is very considerate and will divide riders into different groups according to their experience, which makes the ride suitable for all riders from beginner to intermediate/advanced.

When you arrive, stuff will let you fill in a very short form with your basic info and riding experience, they will then allocate the right horse to you. Don’t worry if you don’t have gears as they have the helmets and some gum boots provided, nevertheless, I still suggest you to wear ankle boots and bring your own gloves.

After you have got ready, the friendly staff will help you to mount the horse and tell you the chracteristic of your horse so that you’ll know what to do and what not to do to your furry friend.



If you’re confident enough, you can bring your camera/mobile phone with you to capture some fun moments.

Uncle Nevs 16

The ride is about 2.5 to 3 hours , it goes through open fields, eucalyptus forests and up and down hills. There are so many wildlives around and it’s not hard to see kangaroo and wallabies ~ If you’re luck enough, you may see echidna and wombats too!

Uncle Nevs 17
Uncle Nevs 18


Midway of the ride, there’s a biscuit and tea break at this lovely house with awesome view of Melbourne and surrounds , how meditative the view is!

Uncle Nevs 21
Uncle Nevs 12
Uncle Nevs 11
Uncle Nevs 22

When heading back down hill, there are few spots where advanced group can enjoy a bit of canter/gallop and beginners can have fun trotting.


If you have some spare time after the ride, you can hang around at the farm to play with the horses! This cheeky one would not stop eating my hair! lol

Uncle Nevs 4
Uncle Nevs 13
Uncle Nevs 1
Uncle Nevs 2

So if you are traveling to Melbourne, don’t miss out on the best trail ride !




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