What To Wear as a Boss – Dress Up or Down ?


There’s so many advantages of working as your own boss and one of these is that you can have total control on what to wear to work. Some of our friends had even suggested Kenze and I to wear PJs to work ! ( I guess they’re just being sarcastic right?! LOL )

We do wear relatively comfortable outfit to work , especially when we are in action shooting but we still try to restrict ourselves from items that are too casual , for example, thongs, tank top, board shorts, etc.  Here is why :

1) Self-Disipline

Working independently involves a huge amount of self-control and setting some kind of rules on what to wear helps reminding ourselves “ work is work “ and it should never be as comfortable as lounging on the couch.

2)Showing Respect

We both love our job so much and we truly believe that dressing nicely is a great way to show respect. So even there’s only the two of us at the studio, we still remind each other to wear something nice to work 🙂


So where do we shop for our work clothes? We both love minimal styles so shops like Grana which sells basics in quality materials are definitely our go-to! Kenze and I have recently fallen in love with these Oxford shirts as they are super soft and comfy yet the cuttings are on point, which gives our outfit a decent work-attire touch.

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What do you wear to work?



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  • Le Blonde

    Comfort before all! Love this pics!


    • http://ezzentricblog.com/ Twee

      Thanks so much babe~! We love the comfortable shirts too!