My mum loves collection watches, especially mens watches and anything wiht a boyfriend fit. She always says that not only do watches tell us time, but they are also an indicator of one’s taste and style. Influenced by her, I started to collect and style boyfriend-style watches at a very young age. To share my tips on how to style mens/boyfriend watches, I have picked this huge DKNY beauty from WSI for watch styling this time.

我媽媽是個錶迷, 特別鍾情於男裝錶和boyfriend系列腕錶, 在她的字典中,腕錶並不只是報時的工具, 更是用來突顯個人品味的最佳指標. 受了媽媽的薰陶, 我從小就有收集大碼腕錶的習慣, 用以配襯不同造型. 為了跟你們share我在styleboyfriend腕錶時的小小心得, 我特意在 Watch Station International (WSI) 挑了這枚大大的DNKY腕錶, 來分享配襯小貼士.
DKNY oversized watch styling 02

Let’s talk about the focus of this outfit first – This cool lad from the DKNY Urban Metals collection is a signature of confidence and modern minimalism, it effortlessly create a trendy tomboy-chic look and it’s perfect for energetic and bubbly personalities; the concrete-inspired neutural metallic grey case is absolutely versatile! From day to night, desk to dance floor, this cool boyfriend style watch will not fail to accentuates a sleek and trendy outfit !

我們先來看看今次watch styling的主角吧~ 這枚DKNY Urban Metals 腕錶非常適合充滿活力又開朗的女生, 戴上後輕易地為我們營造一個modern minimalist的tomboy-chic look; 剛陽味十足又不失簡約氣息的闊身鋼錶帶, 採用混凝土式的灰色調,無論是白天還是黑夜、上班還是晚上出席聚會都適合配戴, 彰顯中性魅力之餘更為我們添上了時尚的點綴.

DKNY oversized watch styling 05 DKNY oversized watch styling 06

There are couple of tips on styling big watches like this one,

1) Firstly, I suggest pairing boyfriend watch with 3/4 sleeves top of simply roll our long sleeve up in order to make the watch the focus of our outfit;

2) For girls, we can always pair something more feminine up with big watch, for example, a chic mini skirt or a cami top will be a good idea. The chunckiness and sleekness always compliment each other and create a much needed contrast for a fashionable androgynous look.

穿著方面, 我建議大家可挑中袖的上衣, 或是把長袖子捲起, 以突顯腕錶的特色;女生們在配搭時可選一些較為女性化的單品, 例如迷你裙和吊帶背心, 跟大碼腕錶來一個對比,令整套outfit在視覺上較為豐富.

DKNY oversized watch styling 04 DKNY oversized watch styling 03

Hope this sharing will bring you into the bayfriend-watch-world too 😉

希望我的小小分享能令你們給 boyfriend watch一個嘗試 😉


Photography: Kenze Leung

Styling: Theresa(Twee) Wu

Art Driection: Kenze Leung & Theresa (Twee) Wu

Assistant: Tobey Leung




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