It’s finally round three of our #WSIxTWEE collaboration! Let’s talk about the techniques of accessorizing white outfit this time.

People tend to think that white outfits goes well with accressories in all sorts of shapes and colours but that’s not true! There are actually quite a few things that we’ll need to pay attention on when adding accessories to white get-up~

來到#WSIxTWEE 的第三回,我們來談談穿全白outfit 時手飾和鞋子的配搭技巧~很多人都覺得穿全白色的outfit 便可以隨便配襯任何顏色和形狀的配飾,但其實要保持白色outfit的時尚氣息和清新感, accessories方面也不可太隨意~

Tory Burch Watch Styling 10
White outfit is all about showing off the beauty of minimalism, therefore, always keep it simple with just one to two pieces of statement accessories~ Pieces like large loop earrings or a jewelry watch in unqie shape are the best for complimenting a white get-up. This Tory Burch Amelia watch I am wearing here is a good example of statement piece – made delicately in Switzerland by hand with a feminine and one of a kind hexagonal, bangle-like case and straps, this gorgeous watch has accentuated the best side of a crisp and clean white outfit effortlessly.

相信大部份選擇穿white outfit的朋友們都是因為白色夠簡約, 所以手飾方面我建議大家只需要配戴一至兩件有特色的statement piece(s) 便可! 例如一雙大圓耳環或者是一枚形狀特別的jewelry watch 就已經能做到劃龍點精的效果~ 就好像我手上這枚Tory Burch的手飾腕錶Amelia, 瑞士工匠以精湛的技術打造出精確性極高的錶芯及獨具特色的六邊形錶殼, 令腕錶散發著點點elegant的味道!再加上手鐲般的觀感, 跟全白造型配在一起時互相輝映, 輕易地帶出feminine的感覺之餘又不失簡潔的美感!

Tory Burch Watch Styling 09
Tory Burch Watch Styling 07
Tory Burch Watch Styling 08

When it comes to shoes, try to pick heels or ankle booties that are in classy earthy tones such as ligh grey, beige, or taupe for a refined all white look!

在鞋子方面, 大地色系的及踝靴或者高跟鞋, 例如淺灰,裸色,或淡棕色 跟白色outfit最好配! 這些高貴的顏色更能為全白造型忝上一絲不願隨波逐流的氣息!

Tory Burch Watch Styling 05
Tory Burch Watch Styling 02
Tory Burch Watch Styling 06

The next round of WSI x TWEE will be something more grungy, are you ready for it?!

下一回的#WSIxTWEE , 我們來個rock 一點的造型,好嗎?!


Photography: Kenze Leung

Styling: Theresa(Twee) Wu

Art Driection: Kenze Leung & Theresa (Twee) Wu

Assistant: Tobey Leung




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