How’s everyone going? How did you like my last styling work with Emporio Armani watch for WSI ? Come read it HERE if you haven’t! So here comes to part two of the WSI x TWEE project and we’ve got Michael Kors in the house this time~!

大家好嗎? 還記得我跟 WSI (Watch Station International) Styling Collaboration ? 第一回的Emporio Armani手錶造型照已於上一個blog post跟大家分享過, 你們喜歡嗎? (還未看的快快到這裡看看全文啦!) 今次來到第二回, 我們就用 Michael Kors 的手搭配一番吧!

Michael Kors Blue Watch Styling 03

Michael Kors watches have been fashionistas’ favourite! Not only do they always add a fashionable and glamourous touch to our outfits, but they are also as versatile as  little black dress! I have played around with two of my most favourites from MK’s latest collection, let’s see if what I have put together can give you guys some outfit inspirations for this A/W 😉

Michael Kors 的手錶一向都非常受各位時裝愛好者歡迎, 世界各地的時尚達人都總會擁有至少一隻! 我猜除了因為 Michael Kors永遠都予人fashionable Glamourous 的感覺外,最重要的是他們的手錶真的非常易配!今次我特地為兩款不同的 Michael Kors 手錶設計造型,也希望藉此為大家帶來一點秋冬配搭的靈感~

Let’s get started with my most favourite navy blue look, inspired by this stunning navy blue Michael Kors watch.

首先,我們先來談談這個深藍色(navy blue)造型. Navy Blue是我”最喜愛顏色list” 中的top 5, 所以當我一看到這枚深藍色的Michael Kors,我便立刻決定要為它配一套navy blueoutfit.

Michael Kors Blue Watch Styling 01 Michael Kors Blue Watch Styling 05

The navy blue oversized dial, leather straps, and the golden detail on the watch are pretty nautical and masculine, therefore, a striped bottom, a long blazer or coat, and a pair of aviator sunglasses are the best to go with this Michael Kors beauty!

深藍錶面和錶帶,再配上金色的detail, 好容易便令人聯想到海洋或揚帆出海的情境, 為了配合這個感覺, 我便在這個造型上加入水手條紋的元素; 大大的錶面給人一種剛強,型格的味道,所以襯上aviator款式的太陽眼鏡和長西裝外套就最適合不過!

Michael Kors Blue Watch Styling 06 Michael Kors Blue Watch Styling 04

The other Michael Kors I am going to style with is slightly more feminine than the navy blue one. Though it’s pretty oversized, the oval dial and diamante decoration make it extremely chic and extravagant, which pairs perfect with a faux fur jacket, a vegan friendly suede skirt, and big wavy hair for a jet-setter look~ Imagine chilling out with friends with some nice wine and cheese by the sea in this look, isn’t it how life should be?!

接著的這枚Michael Kors手錶比起之前的那來得比較女性化~ 雖然它也屬於尺寸較大的手錶, 但橢圓形的香檳色錶面再加上鑲滿閃石的圍邊給人一種極致奢華的感覺, 所以我挑了這件人造毛外衣, vegan friendly的仿麂皮裙和一頭飄逸的捲髮去配出那種jet setter的味道; 穿著這身造型, 跟幾位好朋友在黃昏時到海邊的餐廳, 一邊品嚐紅酒和芝士, 一邊欣賞日落… 這便是人生!

Micheal Kors Brown Watch Styling 01 Micheal Kors Brown Watch Styling 02Micheal Kors Brown Watch Styling 03 Micheal Kors Brown Watch Styling 05 Micheal Kors Brown Watch Styling 06 Micheal Kors Brown Watch Styling 04

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Photography: Kenze Leung

Styling: Theresa(Twee) Wu

Art Driection: Kenze Leung & Theresa (Twee) Wu

Assistant: Tobey Leung

Wardrobe: Sleeveless Coat and Backpack by Nanushka, special thanks to electric sekki




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