Trust me! The last couple of weeks were definitely the busiest week of the year! On one hand, we’re trying to get everything prepared for our trip back to Australia two weeks later and on the other hand, we were full on shooting for our styling collaboration with WSI (Watch Station International ) . This collaboration is no doubt one of the most exciting and challenging! Not only did we have very limited time to complete the styling and shooting for seven different watches, some of the watches are in styles that I’ve never tried before.  Nevertheless, it’s always great to step outside our comfort zone and I am always thankful for new challenges! WSI is the destination for branded stylish watches, they carry brands like DKNY, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, etc. The first brand I styled for this collaboration was Emporio Armani. EA is fashionable, elegant, and sophisticated, just like this rose gold chain watch with diamantes I am wearing in the pictures.

最近真的忙得差點昏過去! 這邊廂正忙著為我們兩星後出發的澳洲trip張羅, 另一邊廂卻馬不停蹄地為 Ezzentric BlogWSI ( Watch Station International )的 Styling collaboration 進行拍攝. 今次的collaboration 十分好玩! 除了因為要在短時間內為一共七隻不同品牌的手錶配搭及拍攝造型照外, 這7款手錶當中有些更是我從未嘗試過的款式! 要跳出自己的框框的同時又要保留個人特色和突出品味實在是有難度, 但沒所謂~ 因為我就是喜歡向難度挑戰!WSI 一共carry 十多個知名國際品牌的腕錶, 而我要為他們styling 的第一個牌子是 Emporio Armani . EA 予人感覺一向是高端及優雅, 就像我手穿的這枚玫瑰金色, 錶鏈鑲有閃石的腕錶一樣.

Emporio Armani Gold Watch Styling_08

I don’t usually get a lot of opportunities to wear floor length dress so when I knew that I needed to put together an outfit for this rose gold beauty, I immediately thought of having a modern and minimal maxi dress to go with it as a clean and sleek silhouette can totally compliment this delicate and feminine jewelry watch.

由於我的性格偏向好動,而且很多時因工作關係都不能怎麼穿長裙, 所以當我知道我要為這枚EA的首飾款腕錶設計造型時,我便立刻想到要配一條很美很美的拖地長裙! 其實除了是滿足自己對長裙的丁點欲望外, 我主要是認為一條素色而且線條突出的禮裙絕對能夠展現這枚手錶的高貴美, 做到互相輝映的效果!

Emporio Armani Gold Watch Styling_06 Emporio Armani Gold Watch Styling_02 Emporio Armani Gold Watch Styling_05 Emporio Armani Gold Watch Styling_03 Emporio Armani Gold Watch Styling_01a

This very first style was inspired by beach wedding. To me, beach is the most glamorous location for wedding and I hope this editorial can inspire those who are planning for a wedding 😉

這一輯相的靈感是取自於beach wedding~ 我覺得香港的朋友們好像很少會考慮沙灘婚禮, 可能覺得沙灘婚禮不夠華麗吧~但其實beach wedding可以很美! 希望這個造型能給正在籌備婚禮的朋友們帶來一點點的inspiration 吧 !

The other EA watch that I styled is no less elegant than the rose gold one! It comes with a very classy pale pink dial and slightly boyish brown leather strap.

另一枚我要style的 Emporio Armani 是一枚皮帶錶. 以啡色錶帶配以粉紅色錶面, 同樣矜貴及高雅~ 但相比起之前玫瑰金的那一枚, 這款皮帶的便帶點boyish的味道.

Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_09

As you may also noticed that the “girl in full suit” trend has made a big come back to the trend lately so I decided to join the gang and “suit up” for this special campaign! I paired the watch with a blue velvet suit as I reckon aristocratic fabric like velvet helps accentuating EA’s brand image. Also, leather and velvet create a very interesting contrast when put together, which makes the outfit standing out from the crowd. Strolling around the city in a beautifully tailored suit and a sophisticated watch is the best way to show others what girl power means!

最近, 女生穿西裝這個潮流又再興起 (對上一次的大熱應該要追溯到80年代了) 所以我決定也要”Full Suit” 一下, 感受下做一個獨立 ”大女生” 的滋味! 我特別挑選了一套絲絨面料的西裝去配襯這隻錶. 絲絨除了看上去比較隆重, 能把EA時尚的型象突出外, 這質料跟皮革錶帶更能作出一個對比, 令整個造型更stand out! 穿著西裝, 戴著皮帶手錶, 昂然闊步, 無拘無束地沿著自己喜愛的路線遊走都市……我們做女生的不就應要這樣獨立自主嗎?

Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_04 Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_03 Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_07 Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_02 Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_08 Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_05 Emporia Armani Leather Watch Styling_01

More of this styling collaboration will be up on blog soon! Don’t forget to stay tuned with us on facebook and instagram too !

我們跟 WSI 的造型照還會陸續有來!記緊留意著這裡, 我的Instagram, 和 facebook 更新啊!


Photography: Kenze Leung

Styling: Theresa(Twee) Wu

Art Driection: Kenze Leung & Theresa (Twee) Wu

Assistant: Tobey Leung

Wardrobe: Black Dress by Camilla & Marc, special thanks to electric sekki | Blue velvet suit, M by Missoni




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