The last three styles of Watch Station International (WSI) x Twee styling campaign were quite feminine and sophisticated so why don’t we go for a cooler look this time?!

上三回跟 Watch Station International (WSI) crossover 的造型分享都是比較斯文, 女性化的~來到第四回,我們來型格一點吧!

Diesel Watch Stylin 06

Leather jacket and jeans, this outfit is obviously inspired by the classic biker look~ Apat from the must-have component of a biker look, I have also incorporated a slightly more girly cropped top and a pair of booties heels to this get up in order to balance out the masculinity.

今次styling的靈感取材於經典的電單車手造型, 牛仔褲再加皮褸, 是biker style 的重要元素~ 而在這些必備的元素上我還加了比較feminine的crop top和高跟靴, 用以中和剛陽味, 令整體造型剛柔並濟.

Diesel Watch Stylin 05

Diesel Watch Stylin 04

Accessory-wise, I have chosen a super oversized watch to go with this outfit. This Diesel beast is a rock’n roll rebellion! Not only does it look cool and stylish but the colourful decoration on the dial has also shown a rather playful and energetic side of the watch, just like the brand itself. So my tips for this particular style is that never over-accessorize when one signature piece can already do its job!

手飾方面,我選擇了一枚超級oversized的手錶. 這枚加大碼的Diesel 腕錶有著機車感極重的大型錶芯, 帶點反叛而且rock and roll的感覺; 這枚腕錶除了有型格的外型外,錶面還加上了色彩繽紛的點綴, 貫徹了Diesel一向playful 而且充滿活力的形象~ 一枚腕錶便能襯托出整個造型的精髓, 所以說呢~ 我們配襯accessories也不用太貪心, 配得恰到好處便是最有型~

Diesel Watch Stylin 01

Diesel Watch Stylin 03

Diesel Watch Stylin 02

Feel like joining me to be a biker for a day after reading this? Why not~!

看完這個分享後, 你們有想做一天biker的衝動嗎?


Photography: Kenze Leung

Styling: Theresa(Twee) Wu

Art Driection: Kenze Leung & Theresa (Twee) Wu

Assistant: Tobey Leung




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