Is it a YES or NO to Bodysuits for you ?

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To me, it’s a big YES! I have always been those kind of people who cannot live without t-shirt, oversized white t-shirt to be specific, but bodysuits have  become my latest favourite, here are why :

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1)Shows Off Curve

Bodysuits are very fitted so it’s the best piece to go for when you’d like to show off your curve! It’s also perfect with high waisted anything! It just effortlessly tucks into all sort of high waisted bottoms without secretly rising up while you’re moving or dancing. And I guess this why bodysuit has become one of the most favourite festival wears~


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2) Light and Thin

Bodysuits are usually made of jersey or very light material so not only are they comfortable, but also very easy to store and are perfect for travelling as they take up almost no space .

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Unlike t-shirt, there are so many different styles and cutting of bodysuits to choose from – lattice front, one shoulder, choker collar, halter neck… We do want a little bit more than just a plain white t-shirt sometimes right?!


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Last but not least, remember to choose bodysuits that has button closure at crotch so that it won’t give you a pain when you use the toilet 😉



Photo by Kenze

Twee is wearing:  factorie Bodysuits |Jeans from Kmart | Brixton Hat



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